Gold Rebate & Events Update 6.5


Gold Rebate

From 02:00 5th to 23:59 11th June

Every purchase for gold 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 will get a 30% rebate. When the recharge is completed, players will receive the bonus gold by system.

Rose and Lily 

From 5th to 18th June
How lovely it is if you plant some rose or lily  for the one you love. 

The Flower Lady's Task : Planting Rose
Chen Xuguo's Task : Planting Lily 

Elk King

From  5th to 11th June

The elk escaped from Imperial Zoo. The imperial house has published a wanted note for it. The hero who captures the beast can take it to Jinling Imperial Hunting Ground to find Hunting Ground Butler for rewards.